Comforters vs Duvet Covers

by Sierra Neale

When it comes to bedding there is no shortage in options to choose from. Comforters and Duvet Covers are two of the most common and are perfect for layering, decorating and keeping warm.

Comforters are most commonly used in the US. They are thick covers usually filled with synthetic fibers, most commonly poly-fill. Not all comforters are quilted, some have invisible tacking or tacking only on the reverse which allows you to enjoy the full design or pattern. However, due to their size  and the fact that the outer layer is not removable comforters can be a hassle to wash.

Duvet Covers are covers that go over a duvet insert. The duvet that goes inside the cover is also sometimes referred to as a comforter. These are usually filled similarly to comforters with synthetic fibers, most commonly poly-fill or occasionally down feathers. While it can take some time to get used to putting on and removing the duvet cover the removability is a great benefit as it makes them easier to clean. Also, you can change the look of your bed anytime by simply switching out your duvet cover based on your mood or the season.

You can even put a duvet cover over your current comforter whenever you’re in the mood for a new style. This saves you from having to purchase a duvet insert separately to go inside the duvet cover. Also, duvet covers help save on storage space when you’re not using them as the covers take up less space.

Choosing between a duvet cover or comforter is really up to personal preferences as they both are great options for keeping warm and styling a bed.  If you are not one who tends to change the look of their room often and prefer the simplicity of having just one piece to take off the bed and pop into the wash a comforter may be better for you.

If you prefer the removable cover that is easier to wash and the ability to change the look of your bed easily, a duvet cover may be the option for you.

A few designs are available in both forms for example, Brielle Home Camila is available as both a comforter set and a duvet cover set.

Brielle Home Camila Comforter

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