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Finding the right window treatments can be difficult.  That is why we categorize all of our window treatments by levels of light blocking and headers.

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Levels of Light Blocking


Sheers provide moderate privacy and maximum light.  Sheers can be used as a decorative accent alongside window panels and can provide moderate privacy during the day. 

Light Filtering

Light Filtering curtains provide moderate daytime and nighttime privacy while letting in light during the day.  Those looking for curtains that provide complete privacy day and night, should opt for Room Darkening or 100% Blackout.

Room Darkening

Room darkening curtains are either more densely woven or have an attached lining on the reverse to reduce the amount of light that filters through the curtains.  Our room darkening window treatments will significantly darken your room, but won’t block out all light.

100% Blackout

100% Blackout curtains have a woven or coated lining that completely blocks out light.  We’ve lab tested all window treatments to ensure they block out 100% of all light.  Beware, a lot of window treatments in the market that claim to be blackout out when they are not.  Our expert tip - use the flashlight on your smartphone against the fabric.  The flashlight will not be visible through a true blackout curtain or shade.

Types of Window Panel Headers

Rod Pocket

The most classic type of header, a rod pocket window panel features a casing at the top of the panel for the curtain rod to go through.  This gathers the top of the panel in bunches for a clean and soft drape.

Back Tab

Many of our rod pocket panels feature a back tab.  These tabs are a second option for hanging your rod pocket panel.  Tabs are anywhere from 1-2” and will create a uniform fold of the curtain for a more structured but casual look.



Grommet panels feature 3 inch grommets for the curtain rod to pass through.  Grommets are perfect for those looking for a more modern and contemporary look.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch pleat curtains feature a tailored pleat header and back tabs for a traditional and sophisticated look.  Using the back tabs, pinch pleat curtains are compatible with most curtain hooks for those looking for a more elevated look.

How to measure curtains for the perfect fit

Measuring Width

Our curtains come in a small variety of widths.  Most curtain rods are hung on the edges of the window frame.  It is best practice to measure your window from frame to frame on the top, middle and bottom of your window.  We provide the width of each curtain so you can check if they are the perfect fit.  Note, some larger windows may require more than two curtains to provide full coverage.

Measuring Length

Window panel length is the most important factor when shopping our collection of window treatments.  Most curtain rods are hung 1-3 inches above the window.   Keeping in mind where your curtain rod will be installed, measure from that point (typically the top of the window frame) to the floor.  84 inch and 95 inch lengths are the most popular sizes to fit most windows.


Roller Shades

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of roller shades block out light?

Similar to our window panels, each of our roller shades fall into our four categories of light blocking: Sheer, Light Filtering, Room Darkening and 100% Blackout.  Room Darkening and 100% Blackout are designed to block out the most light.

What type of roller shades provide the most privacy?

Room Darkening and 100% Blackout roller shades provide the most privacy.  Light Filtering and Sheer roller shades can provide moderate privacy during the day, but do not provide much privacy at night.

Can I cut my roller shades to custom fit my window?

Unfortunately, our roller shades are not customizable and we do not recommend cutting them to fit.  Each roller shade comes with a decorative valance that is made to only fit its original size.

Can the roller shades be mounted both inside or outside the window frame?

Yes.  All of our roller shades are designed to be mounted either inside or outside the window frame.  They can also be ceiling mounted, or from under the top of the window frame.  Be sure to measure the width of your window, inside and outside the window frame to determine the best size.

How do I measure my window if I want to mount a roller shade inside the frame?

If you are looking to mount your roller shade inside your window frame, measure both the length and width of your window frame.  Please note, our roller shade widths are in reference to the width of the hanging mechanism, not the shade.  The actual shade is a ½ inch shorter on each side than the header.

If coverage is a concern, it is best to go with a larger width to mount the roller shade outside of the window frame.

How do I measure my window to install a roller shade outside of my window frame?

Installing your roller shade outside of the window frame allows for the most coverage.  Measure the length and width from outside of the window frame.  If in between sizes, it is best to choose the larger size.

How do I install my roller shades?

Below is a link to the instruction manual for all of our roller shades.

Instruction Manual