Our Turkish Peshtemals

Pesthemals, also called Hammam or Fouta, towels are traditional Turkish towels with a rich history.  Dating back hundreds of years, these towels were used in the Ottoman Empire in Hammam spas.  Used traditionally for bathing and privacy, they were designed with absorbency in mind.

Today, peshtemals are loved around the world for their compact and lightweight size.  They are perfect not only as a bath towel but for laying on the beach, being worn as a cover-up or sarong, scarf, and more.  They are the must-have travel companion!

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It's cotton woven structure makes it absorbent and can handle drying off after a bath or swim.

Thinner than an average towel, it dries fast. This makes for quicker reuse and takes less time and conserves energy when drying in the drier.
Made of 100% Turkish cotton for ultimate breathability and absorbency.
Use in your bathroom, transforming it into a traditional Turkish Hammam spa.
Use at the beach, the perfect companion for drying off or laying out.
Use as a scarf or light blanket at the beach, pool or on the plane.
Use as a quick cover up at the pool or beach.