Our Bedding

Whether a comforter, quilt, coverlet or blanket, our team invests the utmost attention and detail to make sure our bedding is as cozy as possible.

Finding the perfect bedspread can be a challenge.  Below are answers to some of our most asked questions.


What is the difference between a comforter, a quilt and a coverlet?


A comforter is two layers of fabric with a thick fill layer in between.  The two layers of fabrics are then sewn together with bar tacking (which creates a loftier look) or machine quilting (which creates a flatter look).


A coverlet is usually made from a double woven fabric, like a matelassé.  The top and bottom layers are woven simultaneously connected in certain areas to create one fabric with internal pockets which help keep you warm.


A quilt is two layers of fabric that are sewn together with a thin layer of fill. The top may be fabrics pieced together to make a pattern. The layer of fill most commonly consists of cotton and/or polyester.

What kind of fill do you use in your bedding products?

We use poly fill or a mix of poly/cotton fill in some of our quilts.  All our products include the fill content in their description.  We understand the complexities and allergies that come with feather and down fill, so we at LinensNow have opted for a low allergy and animal friendly option.

How heavy are your comforters?

Most of our comforters have between a 6 ounce to 8 ounce fill, which is a medium weight comforter.  It’s always best to wash and dry comforters alone and in a large capacity machine.

Are quilts warm enough for winter?

In general, we recommend layering your quilt with flannel sheets or an additional blanket for winter months.  While they do keep you warm, for those who live in colder weather regions, they can be a little light.