Quilts: Stitched vs. Pinsonic

by Sierra Neale

Traditionally quilts are known as fabrics pieced in geometric formations stitched to a backing with fill in-between. However, quilts can also be made with solid lengths of fabric and can also be connected in other techniques besides stitching such as the use of heat. Quilts usually have three layers of material: the face fabric, the fill or batting in the middle and then additional fabric for the reverse.

Stitched quilting can be done either by hand or machine and the layers are connected with stiches done in either thread or yarn. The stitching is not only functional (keeping the layers together) but also decorative and adds another layer of character and dimension to the bedding.

A good example of the stitched machine quilting technique happens to be our most popular item, the Brielle Home Stream Quilt Set, made of super soft microfiber and features a wave inspired geometric pattern.  The solid color makes it versatile and complementary to any bedding, perfect for layering.


Quilts can also be done is fabrics such as velvet, for example the Brielle Home Velvet Diamond Quilt Set which adds a touch of sophistication to any bedroom with its ultra-soft polyester velvet. This quilt set is super comfy and has a heavier weight to keep you extra warm.  


Quilting stitches do not always have to be in straight lines, as can be seen in our Brielle Home Cross Stitch Quilt Set. This set can brighten up any room while also keeping you warm. This simple and charming quilt set has a bright white base fabric with accent colored stitching for a modern take on a timeless design. Each set comes with a bonus cushion cover with a zipper closure to complete the look (filler not included).


Pinsonic quilted patterns are created through the use of engraved rollers and the simultaneous application of heat which is known as Ultrasonic Quilting. These machines work very fast! The roller is engraved with the pattern of the quilting and the heat is localized to those areas so once the fabric comes out of the machine the layers are fused together with the desired quilting pattern, no stitching required! However, due to the technique this method is only effective on thermoplastic materials such as polyester, poly-velvet, faux suede, faux sherpa etc.

A beautiful example of the pinsonic technique in use is our Brielle Home Hayden Velvet Quilt Set which is made of super soft and plush microfiber velvet.  This quilt has a luxurious touch and feel. The Hayden quilt features a contemporary wave pattern and is available in various colors that can complement any existing room decor.


Brielle Home Gibson Velvet Quilt Set is another example of a pinsonic quilt. This quilt is made out of super soft and plush microfiber velvet with a luxurious touch and feel. The Gibson quilt features a modern diamond pattern and is available in various colors that can complement any existing room decor.

Quilts are also exceptionally versatile – from the perfect spring and summer bedspread to the added layer of warmth in the winter.   Explore our wide variety of quilts available on LinensNow!

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