Manufactured and Synthetic Fibers

by Sierra Neale

Manufactured/Manmade fibers are fibers that go through chemical processing to be solubilized and then run through a spinneret to form yarns.

The spinneret is like a shower head, the solution passes though one end and comes out the other as yarn. This process is called extrusion; different opening shapes in a spinneret determine the shape of the fibers that come out. The shape can effect fiber size, behaviour and appearance.

Manmade fibers from cellulosic sources such as wood pulp should not be confused with natural cellulosic fibers such as linen, hemp, or cotton. To read more on natural fibers read our last post and to learn more about the different types of Cotton check out our Cotton post!

Synthetic fibers are a sub group of manmade/ manufactured fibers; synthetic refers specifically to fibers derived from petroleum byproducts.


Manufactured fibers:

  • Viscose and Rayon- are made of regenerated cellulose which are derived from wood pulp. These fibers tend to have a smooth hand and a slight sheen. One example is Viscose from bamboo which is made from the cellulose derived from bamboo plants. Cupro is a type of Rayon which gets its name from the cuprammonium solution in which the cellulose is dissolved in in order to produce the fiber.
  • Acetate- is derived from wood pulp, has a silky hand, is often used for lining fabric, however, it loses color easily when exposed to the atmosphere so gas fast dyes should be used.


Synthetic fibers:

  • Nylon- is strong, light weight, durable, washes well, and is commonly used for umbrellas, carpets, outdoor rugs, and parachutes due to its hydrophobic qualifies (tends to repel water). Nylon has little to no shrinkage, is a thermoplastic fiber (can be reshaped with heat). Polyamide is a generic version of nylon.
  • Polyester- has little to no need to iron as it has less of a tendency to wrinkle. Polyester was the first of the synthetics to be made into microfibers. Read more about microfiber in our Polyester and Microfiber
  • Acrylic- is light weight, warm, has good light fastness, is 2x stronger than wool however its main flaw is that it is more prone to pilling.

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