Polyester and Microfiber

by Sierra Neale

Polyester is a very resilient synthetic fiber that dries quickly, is easy to wash/care for, resistant to wrinkles, and usually has good colorfastness. Polyester is a filament fiber (long and smooth) so the fabrics woven out of polyester tend to have a nice smooth and soft hand feel especially if microfibers are used.

While Microfiber is often made out of polyester the term microfiber actually refers to the fineness of the synthetic yarn. So the term microfiber does not equal polyester. Microfibers are ultrafine filament fibers that commonly have a smooth and soft hand; especially if the microfiber is given a washed or brushed treatment. Microfibers can be made out of different synthetic materials besides polyester. Microfiber fabrics do not use thread count to identify the quality or density of the fabric but use GSM (grams per square meter) to refer to the weight of the fabric.

 Microfiber fabrics are often used in sheets such as our Cosmic Comfort™ Birthstone Sheet Sets and Brielle Home Extra Soft Sheets Sets. Both programs are made out of brushed polyester microfiber. The brushing of the fabric gives the sheets their ultra silky soft hand feel. Unlike the usual thin and scratchy microfiber sheets in the market our sheets  are made out of a heavier weight fabric and brushed for added softness.

The Cosmic Comfort™ Birthstone Sheet Set & Pillowcases are extra special because their colors are inspired by the birthstones so there is style to match everyone’s personality and personal taste! These Birthstone Sheets were crafted to uniquely reflect the vibrant colors of each birthstone. So not only are they are silky soft and easy care but also come in unique colors to compliment any room.

Brielle Home Extra Soft Sheets Set & Pillowcase are silky smooth and also brushed for extra, extra softness! They are the ultimate no-fuss, easy care sheet set as they are machine washable and naturally resistant to shrinking, fading and wrinkles.

 Microfiber is also commonly used in quilts. A good example of this is our stitched machine quilted Brielle Home Stream Quilt, made of super soft microfiber and features a wave inspired geometric pattern.  The solid color makes it versatile and complementary to any bedding which is perfect for layering.

Polyester microfiber can also be used to make fabrics such as velvet!  A great example of this type of fabric in use can be seen in our pinsonic Brielle Home Hayden Velvet Quilt Set which is made of super soft and plush microfiber velvet.  This quilt has a luxurious touch and feel. The Hayden quilt features a contemporary wave pattern and is available in various colors that can complement any existing room décor.

Polyester is a resilient fiber and when used to make quality fabrics you get products that are  easy to care for, are resistant to wrinkles, and usually have good colorfastness.

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