Percale vs. Sateen

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There are several different weaves used in the world of Sheets. The two most common are percale and sateen.  However, before exploring what these are and the differences between them, here are some details about their structure. Percale and Sateen are types of weaves; woven fabrics are made up of two sets of yarns interlacing with each other to create a textile. The two sets of yarns are known as the warp and the weft. The warp is the set of yarns that run vertically and the weft are the yarns that run horizontally. The two below diagrams show examples of these weaves. The grey yarns are the warp and the black yarns are the weft.


Percale is a very fine woven plain weave commonly done in cotton for sheeting. Plain weave is when the fabric is woven in an even one to one construction as can be seen in the above diagram. If the yarns in the warp and weft are of the same size, they will have equal distribution on the face and reverse of the fabric. Percale sheets tend to have a smooth and crisp hand feel.



Is a durable fabric structure, which like percale is also commonly done in cotton for sheets and bedding. Unlike percale which is an even weave, sateen is uneven. Due to this uneven construction the weft yarns have more coverage on the face of the fabric. Due to the weft yarns floating on the fabric’s surface Sateen has a smooth, soft hand feel and a slight sheen. Sateen should not be confused with Satin, as it is the opposite of Sateen. In a Satin weave it is the warp yarns that float on the face of the fabric.


So, how to decide which is the better option for you?

How do they feel?

Percale has a crisp and smooth hand feel with a matte look whereas Sateen has a smooth, soft hand feel and a slight sheen.

 Which wrinkles more easily?

Percale wrinkles more easily than Sateen. With either sheet removing them promptly from the dryer can help prevent wrinkles

 Which is better for hot or cold sleepers?

Percale sheets are good for people who tend to get warm while sleeping as they are lighter and more breathable which helps keep cool especially in the warmer seasons. Sateen sheets are better for people who get cold at night as these are more insulating.


Whichever you prefer, we have sheet set options in both sateen and percale in different thread counts, fiber contents, printed or solid color options.


Our  Brielle Home 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set and Brielle Home 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set are both OEKO-TEX® certified and have smooth hand feels that gets softer after each wash.  

 Brielle Home 300 Thread Count 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set is made with 100% viscose from bamboo fiber, has a soft hand and is perfect weight for use year round.



Brielle Home Printed Percale 100% Cotton Sheet Sets  are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, durable and lightweight.

 Our newest percale sheets are the Reborn™ Pinstripe Sheets Sets which are made out of 54% Cotton, 23% Recycled Cotton, 23% Polyester and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.





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  • Kristy Ryan

    This is a very good read for people to understand the difference of the two types of sheets. I prefer percale sheets because the keep me cooler but both are great options. Great article.

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